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20 Rep Back Squat Program




Prove Your Commitment to Strength

A 12 week program to work up to the hardest thing you’ve ever done in the gym.

Tree Trunk Legs | Powerhouse Core | Pride of Accomplishment

A life of strength needs lines in the sand. Are you ready to draw yours?

Getting a PR is great. It takes a lot of work. It takes commitment. But you’ve worked for it and you know you’re basically there before you attempt it.

Squatting your 10 rep max for 20 reps is a whole other beast. It may sound impossible, but in 12 weeks you’ll dig deep and do it.

Modern Life Is Soft. What Will You Do About It?

Human beings crave a challenge. It’s built into us to test our edges. The trouble is that we have a culture of making everything easier to the point that society is moving backwards.

If you don’t have a challenge, life quickly becomes static. Human beings have survived incredibly harsh conditions for generations and now we have anxiety about a favorite show getting canceled. We are capable of so much more and we’re dying to find physical ways to show we’re alive.

That’s where the 20 rep back squat program comes into play. Will you gain muscle? Yes, how could you not? Will you get stronger? Yes, your whole system will get stronger. But that’s not what this program is really about. There are easier ways to build pure strength or work on you beach muscles.

This program is about the challenge. It’s about gritting your teeth, making your peace with discomfort, and still moving forward. When you know what you’re made of, life is yours.

The line is drawn, will you cross it?

  1. Click the Add To Cart button – add a bunch of groceries to your cart too. You’ll need a lot of food to recover from the training.
  2. Commit for 12 weeks – This program focuses on the 20 rep back squat, but it’s full body. Clear your training calendar.
  3. Test your mettle – When you complete this cycle, you’ll know what you’re made of.

What’s Included?

This is a full 12 week program designed for 4 training days each week. Outside of taking walks and doing active recovery, you’ll need no other training.

Once a week you’ll practice 20 rep squats at increasing weights. You’ll also hit every part of your body with power cleans, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups, press, dips, rows, and more.

Oh, and don’t forget to eat and sleep…you’re going to need it.

Here’s a sample day of programming from week 5:

A. Back Squat

  1. Build to tough triple (Not 3RM or Max for day. Just a heavy weight to prime the body)
  2. 1 x 20 @ 10 pounds more than Week 4, Day 1

B. Breathing Pullovers

  1. 1 x 20

C. 4 Rounds Alternating Exercises

  1. Reverse Lunge x 8/ side
  2. Hip Thrusts x 10 (135/95)

D. 4 Sets Alternate Exercises – 1 Min rest between Exercises

  1. Dumbbell Incline Press x 8
  2. Pull Ups x 10
  3. Hollow Rocks x 12

Notes: Paloff Presses develop the anti-rotational properties of the core. Not only does the core stabilize the spine but it resists external load to aid in the transfer of power. Training for anti-rotation allows your body to transfer power in throwing and stabilizing the spine when the external load is not perfectly balanced.

Money Back Guarantee

You’ve got 30 days to get your money back, no questions asked. 30 days isn’t enough to complete the entire training cycle, but it’s more than enough to see if you have what it takes.

If you’re ready for a challenge, we’ve removed all the financial risk for you.

Success Requires Focus. Focus Is The Only Thing That Will Get You Through 20 Reps.


If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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