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One Ton Challenge Nutrition Template




The One Ton Challenge Nutrition Template is designed to ensure you are covered in the department of eating the right amounts, in the right ratios, and the right kinds of foods to optimally support all of your training efforts.

Understanding your caloric needs based on biometric data and lifestyle factors, then consistently eating at this sufficient intake is going to be the most important dictating factor far above any supplement, specific diet, or any trend out there in terms of your nutrition.

This is exactly why we’ve created the One Ton Challenge Nutrition Template. We want to help you make it into the One Ton Club so we built this template to take out all of the guesswork and help you optimize everything related to your nutrition so you can ensure you’re eating right to set PR’s in the six movements of Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting.

This nutrition template is structured into ten, primary two week phases. Eight of which consist of “build” phases to ensure you’re giving your body ample nutrients necessary for building muscle, getting stronger, and maximizing recovery between training sessions. Two “maintenance” phases are included to give you a slight break from higher calories between the two larger build macro phases. Concluding with one final 11th phase, which is a month long maintenance designed to help stabilize body weight at your new weight or new body composition.

To build in a higher level of personalization, recommendations for each new phase is determined by average weight based calorie autoregulation.

Your average weight from the most recently completed phase and rate of gain will determine nutrition recommendations for the following phase to make sure the template keeps you paced appropriately throughout the six month duration. As you build muscle and increase lean mass the template adjusts to ensure you stay optimally fueled to train, and primed to recover.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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