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The Bitcoin of Plants: Everything About CBD and The New Farm Bill w/ Mike Banhagel — Real Chalk #56

You might know a thing or two about CBD, but I guarantee you are not on the level with Mike Banhagel, the founder of Seven Points CBD. This guy can define words most people can’t pronounce, and he explains CBD from plant to product in a way that’s fun and accessible. He answers all the hot-topic questions (drug tests? CBD for law enforcement? FDA regulation? Vaping) and tells consumers what questions they need to be asking in order to find the best products in a saturated market.

This episode is chalk-full 😉 of random references (have you seen Waterworld?), all kinds of semi-related stories from Dartmouth grads selling back supports to dogs on the Fourth of July, weird analogies like supermarket orange juice, and some inappropriate jokes about football games. You’ll probably learn, you’ll definitely laugh, and you’ll be able to talk your less-knowledgeable friends off the ledge when they start freaking out about getting popped. Dive in!

Happy New Year! 🥳

– Ryan

1:00 The farm bill (the playbook for the Department of Agriculture) and the hemp act (CBD used to be a controlled substance)
4:15 What is CBD anyway, and did you know you have an endocannabinoid system?
7:00 How the endocannabinoid system maintains homeostasis in our bodies
9:30 The role fatty acids play (performance enhancing effects)
13:00 Green lawns, Castro’s Cuba, and why you should pay attention to terpenes
19:30 Posting results is a bad idea, and the CBD market is kinda like supermarket orange juice
21:30 Extraction processes and the terpene trade-off
25:00 The definition of full-spectrum and why distillate is a good thing for cops
26:15 In the CBD space, isolate is not ideal (entourage effect: enhanced efficacy)
29:00 Let’s talk about tinctures, and why there are so many bad ones
34:00 The prices are going to come down
36:00 You’re in the market, and these are the questions you should be asking
38:00 It’s not a quick fix, but it is a noticeable one (Mike’s personal experience)
42:30 Influencers, social media, and finding your niche
47:00 “Insta-famous” is dead, but podcasts aren’t
50:45 We’re just going to shit on people who watch football for a little while
52:45 CBD and pets (because all mammals have endocannabinoid systems)
56:00 Carrier oils and which ones you want
57:00 What about pesticides?
58:30 Big pharma and the opioid crisis
1:02:30 What happens when the FDA gets involved (Dosing? Clinical trials? Clearly-defined terms?)
1:05:00 CBD is not a bandaid (holistic lifestyle improvement)
1:06:45 Here’s your baseline: 1 mg per 10# body weight twice a day
1:09:00 Vapes? Unless you have seizures, skip ’em
1:15:00 People like to “do something”—so put down the pen and create a ritual
1:18:00 Don’t message me on Instagram + where to find Seven Points

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