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Hard Work Beats Talent: My Story Of Couch Surfing To A 7 Figure Business — Real Chalk #71

We all need inspiring stories to keep us motivated and remind us of what is possible. Sometimes we settle with mediocre and forget what our original goals were. We forget what we were put on this earth to do. We get scared. We fail. We make excuses. We put ourselves in a place with limits. But what if… What if our soul has another plan the whole time? What if we don’t know what it is, but it keeps us awake at night? It reminds us that what we are doing is either right or wrong. It consumes our every movement, breathe, thought, and action. It is a gut feeling that never steers you in the wrong direction. It is… Everything you were meant to be and more. You just have to trust it.

This is my story. It always gets me emotional, so I’m sorry for the sad parts, but it’s enough to light you up for the week and it’s real shit that we can all accomplish.

Enjoy! I love you all.

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