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Alex Turner – Training, Nutrition, and the Influencer Lifestyle — Real Chalk #90

I originally met Alex a few years while he was sponsored by a huge supplement brand called “SHREDZ.” The company sponsored several athletes at the time and in just a short period of time and built them into super stars. It was at that time I started to ask a lot of questions and see what exactly all these people were doing that was giving them the kind of income that had people driving around in Lamborghinis and such. It was a crazy time and I’m fortunate to have known a few of the pioneers like Alex from that time. 

In this episode we touch on a little of what makes a solid “influencer” and how training modalities and nutrition has changed over the years. I also ask Alex to share about his own fitness and nutrition regimens that he’s used over the years and what his opinions are on all of them. Lot of great chatter in this one that is sure to get you pumped for the week.

Anders Varner

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