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Real Chalk  — Adapting to Change w/ Bryan Boorstein  — 21

Bryan Boorstein is the owner and founder of Evolved Training Systems. He is also owner of San Diego Athletics, a hybrid style CrossFit gym that provides programming for CrossFit and physique athletes.

The Evolved Training System is Bryan’s staple program; a unique combination of multiple different training methodologies combined together with the optimal dose of each:

  • Low-Rep Strength Training
  • Bodybuilding for aesthetics
  • Metcon and “HIIT” intervals for conditioning
  • Bodyweight Training

On Monday May 7th, the Evolved Daily Training Program will be released on the website for only $19 per month. All of the training utilizes only free weight and bodyweight movements, so you can perform this training in a functional fitness gym, a standard “Globo” gym atmosphere, or even your home gym!  

Bryan is determined to educate the fitness community on working-out smarter. He is continually researching new methodologies to help his clients reach their goals while maintaining a happy, balanced life.

In this episode, Bryan shares his new style of programming and how he loves to stick to his staples, squatting and deadlifting heavy at least once a week. He also touches on the importance of CNS recovery and paying attention to the body, what to do about motivation, visualizations during training, and moving meditation.


– Ryan and Yaya

Dialing back training. Less is more.

Bryan Boorstein was one of the pioneers of online coaching for CrossFit athletes, and the sport of CrossFit has undergone quite a shift over the past few years. Bryan shares with us how he has helped many of his clients dial back the intensity of their training, and start to adopt the mindset of training for longevity. He encourages his clients to take rest days, and be ok with it.

Do a little bit less and make it a little higher quality. Get the most out of it that way.” — Bryan Boorstein

Key Takeaways

  • Squat and deadlift heavy once a week — Bryan is a huge supporter of squatting and deadlifting heavy once a week, which will often be the extent of all strength work for the entire week. It it vital to take a minimum of on deload week each month in order to let the Central Nervous System recover.
  • Get your box off the ground: Bryan offered completely free CrossFit classes for anyone and everyone for the first 6 weeks that they were open — This allowed them to get people in the door. They drew a hard cut-off for freebies, and ended up having 33 people commit to staying and paying after the 6 weeks was up.
  • Rich Fronning ruined CrossFit — When the world said Rich trains 6 times per day, it initiated an overtraining epidemic in the community, in an effort to keep up with Rich. What people don’t realize is that Fronning was training very light and grinding technique during the majority of his sessions. It was almost like “shooting free throws”.
  • Motivation: If you are not feeling motivated to get in the gym and train, take a day off — It should be something you are looking forward to and excited about. If you are resisting training, your body might be telling you that you need time off.
  • On longevity: Training one hour per day for 30 years is a lot better than training 4 hours/day for 5 years — Find a training practice that is sustainable and will help you succeed long term.

You should feel at your best and the workout should be something you want to do.” — Bryan Boorstein

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