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Real Chalk  — Cooking Oil, Eating Out, and More from Ryan’s Couch  — 36

This is a special episode, where Ryan and Yaya take us down the nutrition rabbit hole again. Check out the previous time they’ve done it: Real Chalk  — Nutrition 101: More Than Just The Basics  — 23.

One thing Ryan and Yaya can agree on is food and their love for nutrition. In this episode, they talk about how to get the best quality food when eating out, what to look for in restaurants to know the most about their food, how cooking oils can affect your health, and they do a short Q&A at the end of the show.


– Ryan and Yaya

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Mike Bledsoe


  • I’m interested in the link between trans fats and cellulite mentioned around minute 6:30 in the podcast. Can you elaborate on it or suggest sources to get more information on the research. It’s a link I’ve not heard suggested before.

  • Regarding the change in endothelial function in the youth consuming French fries, I presume you are referring to the endothelial cell. How was this measured? Was the dysfunction of vascular, endocrine, paracrine, or autoimmune? Can you cite the journal/study for further review?

  • You guys mentioned a website that can be used to check the transparency of ingredients listed by supplement manufacterers. You didn’t provide the name of website, but said Erin knew it and that you’d link in show notes. Can we get that?

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