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Real Chalk  — Dominate The Social Media World w/ Paige Hathaway  — 19

Paige Hathaway is a 26 year old fitness model and bikini competitor, who fell in love with training in 2011. She went through a health and fitness transformation and placed 2nd at Ronnie Coleman Classic, the biggest NPC statewide competition in the United States.

Today, Paige is an Instagram sensation and a fitness consultant expert who helps others make their own transformation. She developed her own programs, where she shares her unique method and all of her tips and tricks.

In this episode, Paige shares her story of how she became a fitness entrepreneur, and what strategies she uses to make it to the top in the health and fitness industry. She also offers social media tips, her thoughts of the varying levels of “dedication”, and chats about training after  breast augmentation.


– Ryan and Yaya

If you’re trying to get your name out there, do Sh*t for free. Anything for free.” — Paige Hathaway

Fitness model transformation

After moving out on her own at the age of 16, Paige Hathaway left school before graduation to pursue a career in fitness. With no exposure to the world of bikini competitions, she took up a hometown friend on a coaching offer and jumped right in. After placing second in her first ever competition, she was hooked!

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Key Takeaways

  • “Become a yes man” to grow your social media following — The number one way to jumpstart your brand is to do stuff for free. For a while, Paige did photoshoots, interviews, and anything that could help grow her brand for free.
  • Instagram is changing, content that looks heavily produced is becoming less attractive — Try to make your brand appear authentic and genuine, while still keeping your content clean and organized. Videos specifically seem to get a better audience reaction when they are not heavily produced.
  • It’s ok to cheat every once in a while — Allow yourself to indulge and enjoy life from time to time. Paige loves pizza and allows herself to splurge. It’s easy to get into a pattern of being dedicated to your training and neglect the other aspects of your life. So it’s important to block out time for friends, family and stress relieving activities.
  • Different people need to be managed differently — When you are managing and building a team, it is important to realize that different people need to be managed differently. Some people need to be left alone to operate under their own will, where others need more structure and direction.
  • The most important aspect of your health is managing your stress — You cannot make any real progress without controlling your stress levels. It’s important to keep a good balance between training and other life activities. When we go too extreme, the returns start to diminish.

You can be unhealthy about being healthy.” — Paige Hathaway

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