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Rock Bottom to Rock Star w/ Chad Mcbain  — Real Chalk #51

Social media is the future, and in order to dominate your field you must have a strong social media presence with unique influencers, organic content, and ingenious marketing. Which is why you are about to listen to my man Chad McBain.

Chad has helped build several 7 figure businesses by being the “man behind the scenes” and setting a ridiculous standard for what it means to be an expert in social media marketing. Are you having trouble in this area at all!? Then this is definitely the episode for you. Chad lays out some ground rules that make people successful or ultimately make people broke. Having been in his own whirlwind of ups and downs, like myself, he points out the most important factors that kept him motivated during every step of the way.

We also touch on several new business ventures that he is currently working on with his significant other (Laci Kay Somers… Who just happens to have 10M followers) including cryptocurrency, music, and exotic car businesses.

This episode literally has a little bit of EVERYTHING in it with a super casual feel. You’re going to learn a ton while also feeling like you’re sitting on the couch right next to us. Let’s bro out, get motivated, and learn some things. From rock bottom to rock star… Have great listen!

– Ryan

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  • Let me preface this by saying I am a massive Shrugged Collective fan, listening to each show as they become available during the week. I have learnt a lot, had many (what Oprah would call) Aha moments and been able to implement both nutrition, mind and movement techniques in my life. However Real Chalk #51 was the biggest load of complete dribble I have heard on a podcast, perhaps ever. I finally turned off shortly after the 1hour mark, unable to continue listening to the egotistical and self-indulgent wankery – no one cares if your house is worth $38mil or that your mate is flying you to Paris for Christmas. Out of touch bs that the average Joe has no chance of relating to. If I wanted to listen to such garage I would watch the Kardashians. Thanks for reading and peace out.

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