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Barbell Business – How to Rethink Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact w/ Yanik Silver

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Yanik Silver and discuss:

  • How aligning your business with your passion and purpose will improve your bottom line
  • How to define your vision and start crafting your company’s culture
  • How to develop your tribe
  • How you can evolve your business into one that makes a meaningful difference in your community and your own life

Have you been feeling lately like you aren’t fully utilizing your talents, abilities, and your business to its highest potential? Despite working hard, do you still have a nagging notion that you aren’t currently making the biggest impact and the most meaningful difference you can in your community – or even the world?

If so, then you’re really going to enjoy this show where we interviewed Yanik Silver last Wednesday via live webinar. Yanik is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who’s bootstrapped 8 products and services to the 7 figure mark from scratch without funding, taking on debt or even having a real business plan. His new book “Evolved Enterprise – How To Re-Think, Re-imagine, & Re-invent Your Business To Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits” just launched last week he’s offering it to Barbell Business fans for a limited time at his cost of $7.88: www.evolvedenterprise.com/deat. If you’re visiting this page some time in the future, the price will have gone up but the value of the book is still just as priceless.

In short, Yanik’s mission is to change the way business is played. He helps companies become highly profitable, socially conscious, and purpose driven from the ‘inside out.’ This show is a preview of what he discusses in his new book which is a guide for entrepreneurs who want to add meaning to what they do.

Not only is being socially conscious and cause focused good for your mind, it’s also great for business. Right now, we are witnessing a radical shift into a new economy and with it, comes a fundamental change in what ‘drives’ economic and business success moving forward. Companies who embrace this shift early will establish themselves as the leaders in the new economy and experience the incredible benefits of being a first mover.

Meaningful change and greater impact starts with you defining your why. To do that, we have to evolve ourselves first and make sure that we’re operating at our highest level. Sometimes that comes from uncovering things from our past and current challenges we’re trying to avoid. We need to start looking at who we are as entrepreneurs and as people then separate our networth from our self-worth. By examining what our strengths and weaknesses are and evaluating what our personal values are, we can then look outwards at what causes you want to support and the culture you want to cultivate.


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