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Barbell Business – State of The Gym Industry 2016

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss the state of the gym industry in 2016:

  • Why the future is bright for the small box industry
  • The evolution of box & business partnerships
  • Dangers of over/underestimating the power of the CrossFit brand
  • The seasons of the gym business owner
  • The 9 foundational components that make up a well-rounded, truly healthy gym business
  • The importance of balancing your stakeholders

The State of the Gym Industry Podcast is Barbell Business’ overview on how the industry has evolved and how gyms around the globe have shifted the way they do business. We’ve talked to hundreds of gym owners, business owners, and entrepreneurs to uncover their strategies for creating a fitter community.

In this show, you’ll get some important takeaways. For example, there are seasons of gym ownership. If you don’t evolve from the hunting phase, you’ll likely find your gym capped at <100 members. We’ve also found that while we discuss coaching, culture and marketing quite a bit on the show, there are actually 9 areas that make up a truly healthy gym business.

Be sure to download part 1 of the Barbell Business Manifesto we discuss in the show: The Anatomy of a Healthy Gym by clicking the link below or visiting www.barbellbusinessbook.com This is where you can read more about these 9 areas and the importance of stakeholder balance.

If you’d like to learn new skills that will help you develop a healthy gym, enroll in Barbell Business Academy – a place for gym owners to learn new skills online and to connect each other via the forum. Learn more here.

Mike Bledsoe


  • Is it just me or does the word download give the impression that you can have it for offline access; as in a PDF or E-Book? Coupled with the image of a front cover on a mobile device, most people would come to this conclusion. Have I misinterpreted? I’m only getting access to a webpage.

    • Hey Neil, We’re going to be adding to the manifesto every month/quarter so we wanted it to be a live document. You can bookmark the web page and access it anytime as you would a PDF. Once it’s done we’ll allow you guys to save it as an offline document.

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