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Stephen's Story | Barbell Shrugged

Stephen’s Story 3 Months into the Shrugged Strength Challenge

I want you to meet Stephen!

Stephen | Barbell Shrugged

Great guy that Stephen.

Did you know Stephen added 40 pounds to his front squat, decreased his “Helen” time by 2 minutes and 9 seconds, PR’d his snatch by 15 pounds and PR’d his clean & jerk by 25 pounds only after 3 months of training in the Shrugged Strength Challenge?

We were so impressed with his results, work ethic and dedication that we invited him to come down to Memphis to hang out and train with us. We also asked him to share his story about his training and experience leading up to joining the Shrugged Strength Challenge and how his life and training has changed since he’s joined.

Stephen is prime example that you CAN get stronger and improve your conditioning at the same damn time.

He’s just one out of the many athletes in our Shrugged Strength Challenge program who are working hard and actually DOING that. We want you to join them. We’ll help you just like we’ve helped Stephen and all of our athletes with coaching, keeping you accountable and giving you awesome programming that gets results.

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Learn more about the Shrugged Strength Challenge Program here

Many thanks to Stephen for coming to Memphis and hanging out with us. It’s folks like Stephen (and really all of the athletes in our online training programs) that help keep the podcast going.

Sincerest thanks to all the folks in our programs for supporting us. Ya’ll help keep this ship sailing.


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Get stronger while improving your conditioning and add 50 lbs to your squat and knock 3 minutes off your “Helen” time in the Shrugged Strength Challenge program.

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