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Barbell Business – Is Your Gym Business Built to Survive or Thrive?

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • The differences between gyms which are built to survive and businesses that are planned to thrive
  • The consequences that come with dreaming small and aiming too low
  • How you can make the shift from survival mode to “thrivival” mode.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo (Probably)

A big and bold vision of one’s future is what sets apart great entrepreneurs from the average small business owner. On the other hand, it feels safe to aim lower so you can get by on just what you need. It would seem there’s less chance to fail. But,  the truth is, thinking small and achieving goals that are just an arm’s reach away may be one of the riskiest things you do for your business.

On this show, we’ll discuss how incremental progress that’s too slow or too small can be a huge problem when (not if) unforseen challenges arise. If you’d like to learn more about aggressive goal setting, visioning, and money mapping, check out Barbell Business Academy at www.barbellbusiness.com/academy. That is what you’ll learn on month 1.

Other resources mentioned:

  • The Barbell Business Manifesto: www.barbellbusinessbook.com
  • The Barbell Business Workshop in Toronto: www.barbellbusiness.com/toronto-workshop

Enjoy the show!

Mike Bledsoe


  • Hey Guys,

    Great stuff and it’s exactly what us non thrivers need to hear. You have nailed it so perfectly. We are loving our barbell logic website and our barbell academy course. The reset time is so necessary but learning how to get there to get it is another story. Keep up the amazing info.

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