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Westside Barbell and the Conjugate Method w/ Louie Simmons – The Barbell Life

Louis Simmons is an Americanpowerlifterand strength coach. He is noted for developing the Westside Barbell method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports, as well as inventing several pieces of strength training equipment. Westside Barbell is a private, invitation-only, elite training facility in Columbus, Ohio that was created by Simmons.

Simmons is one of only five lifters to total Elite in five different powerlifting weight classes. He has totalled Elite in various power-lifting organizations.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – Using box squats to increase olympic lifts

11-20 – Low Bar vs. High Bar for increased strength

21-30 – Why the best coaches in the world all come to Westside 31-40 – Velocity training with bands

41-50 – Programming using band tension

51 -60 – The importance of assistance work

61 -70 – Why you don’t need to work on technique

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