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Jöhg Ananda: Breaking The Monopoly Of Opioids — The Bledsoe Show #118

Jöhg Ananda has been described as a “Cultural Revolutionary” by Dr. Chris Ryan. Jöhg is a serial entrepreneur (Healthy Surprise, The Dirt Paleo Personal Care, Jambo Superfoods) and founder of Union Yoga. Jöhg has invented over 50 consumer products, including the subscription snack box category, several guided yoga kriyas and designed a factory.

In this episode, we talk with Jöhg about the monopoly of opioids, the structural realignment of who the experts are, the power of conditioning, how propaganda has made plant based medicine taboo, the power of planning tomorrow at the end of today, and much more.



Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Intro: What is CBD and the monopoly of opioids

⚡️11-20: The structural realignment of who the experts are and bullshit detectors

⚡️21-30: The new frontier of medicine and how propaganda has made plant based medicine taboo

⚡️31-40: Presenting products in holistic ways and why Johg got into the CBD industry

⚡️ 41-50: What gets people to change behavior and the power of conditioning

⚡️51-60: Building the capacity to choose and why people fail

⚡️61-70: Understanding struggle and why self care leads to productivity  

⚡️71-83: The power of planning tomorrow at the end of today

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