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Jesse Elder: Curiosity, Intelligence, And The Difference Between Effort And Struggle — The Bledsoe Show #120

Jesse Elder’s own journey to self-mastery unfolded as he grew up in a family of 7. Being homeschooled, Jesse was given the gift by his parents of being largely self-directed in his education and spent hours exploring ideas that interested him. At the age of 9 Jesse was introduced to martial arts. Hitting the mats every week became a passion that would play a powerful role throughout Jesse’s life.

Coming out of his teenage years, Jesse learned that some things in life are too important to ignore and even though it might be uncomfortable, you must do what you think is right. This lesson helped give Jesse the courage to open his own school, which eventually transformed into him realizing that big ideas aren’t just for one person, but for anyone who desires more out of their life. The result of this realization is his website, jesseelder.com, which is a “vault” of mind videos at anyone’s disposal.

In this episode we talk with Jesse about unconditional acceptance of self, developing a mindset of curiosity, the difference between effort and struggle, obeying the laws of nature, and, the all important question, last month, how many things did you do for the first time? You’ll find lots of truth in this episode from a man who manages to live life faster than me.



Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Jesse has tried a lot, here is what he’s not going to recommend to you (hint: he won’t allow you to live through him)

⚡️11-20: Why you need unconditional acceptance of yourself before you can serve others

⚡️21-30: Developing a mindset of curiosity leads to an expanded sense of intelligence and the difference between effort and struggle

⚡️31-40: Thought, feeling, action, repeat: The power of obeying the laws of nature

⚡️ 41-50: Memories and how we create the past every time we visit it

⚡️51-60: Blurring the lines of past, present, and future and the power of presence

⚡️61-70: Time is a narrative constructed by language, the importance of context, and the moment between the parentheses

⚡️71-80: The power of practicing courage and creating alignment in your life

⚡️81-90: Choosing to release resistance in your life

⚡️91-100: Why Jesse shaved his beard off

⚡️10-112: Last month, how many things did you do for the first time?

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