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The Psychology Behind Fear With Guy Ferdman — The Bledsoe Show #128

Guy Ferdman is a modern-day shaman and co-founder of Satori Prime. A spiritual truth-sayer whose warrior spirit merges ancient wisdom with modern practicality against the backdrop of everyday life. In the past, Guy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 23 countries launch their businesses online. A marketing genius, the essence of his work has always been to coach people to profound breakthroughs at lightning speed.

Satori Prime’s message is deeply personal to Guy. Having spent 7+ years in a state of anger and depression, he opted to take his first Landmark Forum. It was there that he realized his ability to craft his own reality. That he had always had a choice in how felt and in how he viewed his external reality. Guy now teaches thousands of people around the world to claim that same power.

In the past, he was a head coach for the Self Expression Leadership Program at Landmark Education where he was personally responsible for coaching thousands of people. He’s graced the stages of New York, DC, Boston as well as internationally. He’s been seen in the Huffington Post, Less Doing, The Art of Charm, and 6 Figure Mentors among others. He currently lives in magnificent San Diego with his two cats, Simba and Ginji.

In this episode we talk about physical, mental and emotional alignment for optimal performance.



Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18  Intro to Guy’s reason for the personal development over the years.  The psychology behind these fearful stories we tell ourselves and why.  Why gaining awareness was great but how Guy didn’t feel different. Why people compensate in other ways. Guy tapping into the integration of physical, mental and emotional alignment. Discussing the lack of this integration today.

18 –29  The different energy systems.  Discussion of Embodiment. Different patterns and subconscious things we do.    Resolving parts of the system that are holding on to different patterns Ex: Built up body gives you confidence but energetically things aren’t changing so you tend to live you in fear still.   Discussions of aggressive, controlling rigid, emerging patterns.

29 – 42 Restful connection with yourself so problems aren’t arising.  Getting your body in a peacful connection with yourself. Human body is not built for chronic stress and 70% of Amerca have chronic illness.  4 levels of consciousness. Your body telling you stories with in survival mode. Where your attention goes energy flows.

42 – 59  Energy systems taken in from environments, people etc.  and how we push them away because we aren’t in restful state and holding onto energy because we feel we have to be happy. Body has natural intelligence and will move things though.  Letting the body digest the energies you are taking in so they don’t become stuck in the body. Energy and experiences metabolism. The story will disappear and dissipate along with energy.

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  • What is the book that Guy mentions that exposed him to the theory of the stages of development and how that manifests as empatterned survival reaction/distortions? Or is there an alternative resource that guy recommends to explore this theory further?

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