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Why Supplements Aren’t As Helpful As You Think With Ryan Frisinger — The Bledsoe Show #132

Ryan Frisinger helps individuals restore health and vitality by designing customized health programs that address genetic weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies, emotional traumas, and performance issues. By transforming advanced multidisciplinary research into potent programs, Ryan provides each individual with an operator’s manual for their unique body. His client base includes professional athletes, type-A high performers, autistic children, and individuals with autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders and other chronic illnesses. Ryan’s programs offer solutions for the world’s most difficult health problems and help people transform their health and performance.

Specialties: Methylation cycle analysis, nutrigenomics, multifactorial disease, mitochondrial disorders, chronic illness, ancestral diets, trauma therapy, intermittent fasting, plant medicine, interdisciplinary research, n=1 experiments.

Ryan’s academic background spans many disciplines, including biochemistry, genetics, botany, ecology, finance, literature, alternative medicine and athletic performance training. He holds an MA in creative writing and cultural studies and conducted PhD research in epigenetics, synthetic biology, comparative literature, landscape architecture and ethnobotany.

In this episode, Ryan Frisinger talks how cognition and emotional states impacts physical well being and performance.  Longevity, density, and why supplements aren’t as helpful as you think. Plus mind therapy.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18  How mitochondrial products can be inflammatory to some.  When restricting your eating during light, getting sun, getting your enzymes can be better for you than taking supplements.  Inflammatory damage and how you can avoid it. Supplement damage to the body. What are energy molecules and what are the ten things that contribute to it (which aren’t found in bottles on shelves at supplement stores).

18 – 29  Long term effects for athletes.  Substituting emotional health for physical performance.  How emotional and spiritual work can be effortless and helps your ability to be an athlete. Ryan’s spiral out of health that he couldn’t recover from since his body was so stressed.  Asking for help, being vulnerable and asking others for help which lead to his journey of self love and feeling worthy.

29 – 42 How we are removing ourselves from the planet unknowing, and how we outsourced our digestion.  The genes that survive changes in the environment.

42 – 50: Vaccinations discussions  and what you need to know about vaccines and which technology or genetic testing you should take before vaccinating.  If your immune system is robust enough viruses will leave your body without certain vaccines and how to do ths.

50 + Taking toxicity out of your life by doing the simple things like taking care of your teeth.  5 G and Ryan’s concern with cancer skyrocketing. Blocking EMF. Why we are the grand experiment of surviving toxins.  Only drinking water after the sun is down and what this does to our health. Stop over training.

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