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Logan Gelbrich: Going Right — The Bledsoe Show #130

Logan Gelbrich feels right at home coaching at DEUCE Gym. With a background in collegiate (University of San Diego) and professional (San Diego Padres) baseball, Logan is used to high performance, heavy workloads, and accountability. Luckily, Logan was blessed enough to work with world renowned strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, and nutritionists during his career. It’s during this time that the seeds were sown for the belief system that guides his coaching today. Forever a “student of the game,” Logan is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of human movement and nutrition.

In this episode,  Logan dives into coaching athletes at different stages of development.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18 Logan discusses coaches having a hard time communicating and doing that one thing well.  Going down the rabbit hole of your craft is never going to be the interest of your clients. Understanding what it is to be a teacher.  Why we have the classic case of geniuses that can’t connect to the people.

18 –29  Getting different outcomes are about becoming that person. Authentically becoming that person but also becoming that person. Not staying where you are because you think that is where you are most authentic.   Changing beliefs one at a time rather than copying what others are doing.

29 – 42  Show people you messed up and what’s behind that. Showing people what they didn’t see before.  Human behavior and why things go poorly for us. What’s at the root cause. Most people go to work doing 2 full time jobs. One job is a full time job and the other job is covering their weaknesses they have.  Keeping from being exposed. How to get over that and lie to ourselves about the weaknesses. Using our weaknesses as a guide to the future better me.

42 – 50: Chose to be humble and shine bright lights.  Having a group where everyone is aligned in their desires.  Shifting cultures. Letting guards down, facing fears. Having fun while doing it.  Hedging against having experiences we want.

50 + Setting tones as a coach.  Understanding power and how it works. How to walk into a room and set the tone for a good experience.  You are competing against people who are so willing and brought into processes that you can’t change not showing up and giving it your all.

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