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Coaching Mentorship with 2 Strong Coach Graduates — The Bledsoe Show #135

In this episode Mike, Ben and Jeff dive into strength and conditioning techniques. They talk the Mase community tribes and Ben and Jeff’s experience going through the The Strong Coach . You’ll learn how to play in your workouts while still getting results.  What are mantras and how to use goal setting to get to a place of fulfillment. This episode will help improve as an athlete as a coach and anyone interested in health and fitness!

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18  What is the steel mase and how Ben and Jeff found their way to it.  Learning to play again as adults. Getting results without measuring everything and using only metrics.  Learning whether your gym time healthy for you or stressing you out?

18 – 29   Generating the connection between mind and body in your workouts.  Connection to completeness allows you to be more engaged and prevents injury. Learning how the Mase can help with this engagement.

29 – 42  Ben and Jeff’s experience with the strong coach and now mentors. How this helps becoming the type of coach you want to be.  Why they call it the Rocket Ship. Saying mantras and becoming the person they always wanted to be.

42 – 50: What is a success story that you want to create and is it life giving to you. How Strong Coach helped get there.  The potential you get from investing in yourself. Using systems to document your goals and making things happen.

50 + The Strong Coach method of thoughts, feeling and emotions and actions lining up is what causes fulfillment.  Creating scenarios where these all line up and massive action happens. Why getting clients for Ben is now easy and retaining them. Becoming the person who is worth what you are charging and charging exactly what you want!  

Connect with Ben and Jeff

Jeffrey Ochs is an Onnit Academy Certified Steel Mace Specialist and Foundations trainer as well as a Steel Mace Flow LVL 1 Honors Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. A Graduate of The Strong Coach program and longtime employee of Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor MI, Jeff is also a Mindset and Goal-Setting Coach who specializes in helping people create and realize their visions and preferred futures. Jeff’s coaching program utilizes a combination of Steel Mace training for personal development and empowerment and draws from his experience with The Strong Coach and Zingerman’s world renowned Personal Visioning training.

You can find Jeff on instagram at jeffrey.ochs or

Ben Walker Inspiries the Steel Mace Community to Pursue Continuous Evolution as a steel mace flow coach and omnitacademy steel mace specialist.

You can find Ben on instagram @ built_by_ben


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