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Brooks Meadows: Honoring Chris Moore and The Power Of Recess – The Bledsoe Show #140

Brooks Meadows is the host of Barbell Buddha Rediscovered where he shines light on Chris Moore who, before his passing, left a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom about strength, family, philosophy, science, vice, and how to live an exuberant, self realized existence.

He also owns Recess 901, a gym located in Memphis where they put the fun back in fitness bound by the same tenets that makes a school recess special: Community, Autonomy, and Simplicity.

In this final episode of The Bledsoe Show with Shrugged Collective, Brooks and I talked about his early trials and tribulations when starting out his gym Recess 901, what makes the gym different, and we celebrated Chris’ life by taking sharing some memories with him and how Brooks is honoring Chris’ legacy through his Barbell Buddha Rediscovered podcast.

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