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How Long Does it Take to Build Your Coaching Business? — The Bledsoe Show #137

In this episode Mike Bledeoe, Nick Maier and Kimerly Kesting discuss Coaching and Community.  

They dive into, The Strong Coach and the transformations they have had from the program. Accomplishing your life goals faster and in ways you didn’t see coming.  Also, gaining skill sets, language, and tools to create the life you want.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18  Nick’s growth on an organizational level and personal level vs. operating on survival.  Setting intentions, giving attention to those intentions but not worrying about how that will happen.


18 – 29   How to show up differently and as your true self. Following being in control of your life and creating what want. Deciding what you don’t want. What is your true success versus what the world makes you think is success.


29 – 42  Using coaches, therapy  or other 3rd party reflection partners and how to give yourself time to have that conversation in a safe place.  Learning to make commitments to share everything so your third party perspective can help.


42 – 50: Looking at the coaching industry as a whole, not just nutrition or training. Using food as a tool to build awareness.  Connecting with what your body is telling you so you can eat more intuitively. What’s your own personal diet?


50 + Finding your humility and getting past blind spots by taking feedback from others.  Getting your team and others to the level of trust so there is open communication and things are getting better.  Building out teams. Power of collaborations.

About Nick and Kim:

I’m Kimberly Kesting, nutrition and lifestyle coach and founder of Next Generation Nutrition.

My approach to food is simple… eat like a human, not a calorie calculator.

I’ll teach you how to simplfy your diet to fit your lifestyle and goals, while maintaining balance and freedom in your food choices.

Find Kim on instagram  @gymberly.fit

Founder & CEO of The Youth Academy. We transform the lives of underserved youth through academic enrichment, health and wellness, social responsibility and leadership through squash.

Revolutionising Youth Development

Follow the kids at @youthacademy

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