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Mastering the KettleBell and Holistic Practices for High Performance — The Bledsoe Show #136

In this episode, we talk about competing in kettlebells, suples Bulgarian bags, Mike’s experience working with Paul Chek, becoming a world champion in kettlebells, and his new programs and Costa Rica retreats.


Mike Salemi specializes in human performance and is a sought after international presenter in the field of health and fitness.

Mike has a diverse background in strength and conditioning and has competed over the course of 15+ years at an elite level in Powerlifting and Kettlebell Sport. Through his own path of resolving sport-related injuries, Mike understands the importance of integrating the body, mind, and spirit as a means to foster high performance for the long term. His motivation is to help athletes, fitness professionals, and coaches discover their own potential from the inside-out.

Professionally, Mike has served as a Division 1 strength and conditioning coach for Santa Clara University, as well as been the trainer to elite athletes across a wide range of sports.

His focus is teaching educational workshops, certifications, and creating programs on unconventional training that build more balance athletes.


Minute Breakdown:


0 – 18 How Mike became the top kettlebell athlete in the world.  Salemi upcoming retreat in Costa Rica and healing. What are Bulgarian bags and why they are safe and powerful.


18 – 29  Continual journey of working on yourself. Mike’s experience working with Paul Chek. Eldoa Stretching and how it works with the fascia to release trauma.


29 – 42  Trying to be more balanced individual while still pushing yourself.  Work in vs. work out. The four main criteria that are needed for working movements.   What’s in Mike’s kettlebell program and how this is different than any other program out there.

Discount on Mike Salemi kettlebell program  www.mikesalemi.io/bledsoe

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