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Neuromuscular Re-Education — The Bledsoe Show #134

Garrett is the founder of NeuFit in Austin, Texas. But that didn’t happen overnight.   

Growing up as a hockey player, he struggled with his own injuries and lack of natural athleticism. These experiences inspired him to do thousands of hours of research and try almost everything that’s out there.   

During that process, he met disappointment after disappointment, and became extremely frustrated.  

In parallel, he ended up studying to become an Engineer. Seeing nothing but dead ends in the physical therapy realm, Engineering was going to be his “day job” and allow him to build real solutions to problems.  

Fortunately, in his last year of college ice hockey (he ended up making some progress and become a practice-squad player), he had a chance encounter with a Functional Neurologist. The new approach he encountered ended up being a big “Eureka!” moment, and he healed torn ligaments on their own – without surgery!  

He finally learned about the power of the Nervous System, and found a way to turn his passion for the human body into a way to make a difference in people’s lives.     

After some formal apprenticeship and more self-study, he opened his first facility in 2009. It was a very humble beginning: just Garrett and some equipment in 250 square feet.    

He continued to evolve, studying with various mentors, performing lots of experimentation, and even entering a Ph.D. program in Neuroscience. Fortunately, his work had a big impact in people’s lives and started to catch on in the community.     

Now, the business has grown to one of the premier fitness and rehabilitation facilities in the country. On any given day, you will likely see some professional and Olympic athletes, along with executives and homemakers, all working to improve their health and fitness. In addition, dozens of other facilities around the country have adopted the NeuFit technology and approach.     

During that time, Garrett also patented and launched a new electrical stimulation device, the NEUBIE. It is a very powerful tool that allows NeuFit practitioners to accelerate their clients progress in fitness and injury recovery. The NEUBIE has now helped people of all ages and in almost all situations, helping them get out of pain, improve performance, sometimes avoid surgeries and get out of wheelchairs, and live life at a higher level.      

He maintains a limited practice schedule in Austin, and spends more time teaching other practitioners and presenting his work around the country.

Garrett breaks down the benefits of the Neufit sessions and how it stimulates the body while training.  Discussions on how Neufit tapps into nervous system in a different way . Teaching you how to activate different muscles. Instilling new patterns for engaging muscles and benefit than more traditional methods and technologies.  Neuromuscular rééducation.


Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18  Discovering where the biggest problems are in the body and correcting those. What was the first injury that started a domino effect to cause other injuries and pain? How to understand and fix that.  The importance of how we respond to injuries is just as important as fixing injuries themselves.


18 – 29  Breaking patterns to help with injuries and prevent them.  The importance of flexibility and lengthening muscles. How the body tightens up to avoid injury. Protective reactions and why they are good but also counterproductive for healing and movement.


29 – 42  How one treatment helped a man’s back feel better over the last year than the last 15 years.  Empowering people to know you can improve an you don’t need to rely on drugs or people. You can do it now.


42 – 50: Garret  touches on his journey from inventor, scientist, to running a business and wearing different hats. How Neufit has changed so many lives and the growth it has seen.  


50 +  The progress people have made from a rehab perspective.  The neurological approval to Neufit and how this has helped people with spinal injuries, brain injuries.  How people have walked out of wheelchairs from these sessions. What electrical body scans do.

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