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The Mental Game That’s Your Biggest Challenge!- The Bledsoe Show- Episode 133

In this episode Adam Chin and Mike Bledsoe dig into what they see happening with Athletes, what they see with our culture and where we have an opportunity to make major upgrades around our mental game in regards to training, nutrition and our relationship with our bodies. They also touch on why they started the program, Enlifted.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18 Having different conversations with yourself for progression.  Why changing your workouts, eating better, sleeping more, all require behavioral changes.  Cognitive fitness as a system to replicate behavior changes over time. Deep dive into what is Cognitive fitness and what are behavior changes.

18 – 29  Restructuring the brain in the positive or in the negative and the effects of stress on the brain. How to reduce the amount of stress on our brain.  What causes stress in our lives and what’s the story behind this. How your story and the words you use are creating environments for stress to take over.  

29 – 42  How not getting enough sleep causes sugar cravings and increased carbs cravings and how this becomes a downward spiral.  Why Sleep deprivation and brain injuries have the same symptoms. Importance of proper sleep hygiene, wind down routines at night and creating proper sleep environments.  

42 – 50: Value of having a movement practice that is energizing versus exhausting.  Knowing the brain and how to change behaviors. What is cognitive fitness for executive functions of the brain? Switching mindsets and the language needed for this.

50 +  Handling the unknown.  Why inflammation isn’t a bad thing.  Having a system and what’s the system of an Enlifted Athlete?  How to get automatic behavior changes from rewiring neurons in the brain.  How to change one than more behaviors at a time.

Enlfited.me/shrugged   for an assessment and to sign up for  90 coaching program with Mark England and Mike Bledsoe.

d out of wheelchairs from these sessions. What electrical body scans do.


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