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How to Stop Outsourcing Your Health to Doctors, Understand Gut Bacteria, and the Importance of Mushrooms to your Diet w/ Adam Ian & Christina Afentoulis from Elemental Wizdom  — The Bledsoe Show #108

Adam Ian is an herbalist, educator and successful entrepreneur with twenty seven years experience in the natural products industry as an herbal formulator and Director of Operations for multiple business lines, both domestically and internationally. Currently cultivating custom genetics in both Hemp and Cannabis categories.

Adam is also the founder and alchemist of Elemental Wizdom, a natural line of high end functional foods and essential oils, informed by years of personal nutritional supplementation and consciousness exploration.

Christina Afentoulis is a wellness advocate, educator and private chef, who fulfills her passion for wellness, personal empowerment and cutting edge nutrition by offering recipes, products and concepts that improve the health, nutrition and emotional well-being of the planet. She is a wellness advocate, educator and private chef – working with the most cutting edge modalities that are available today.

In this episode, we dive into the k=journey of self-discovery and not believing into one particular thing, how to take your health into your own hands instead of outsourcing it to doctors, how Adam discovered that we are more than just our body, how the vital, bacterial load in your body and your diets can affect your mental health, the importance of mushrooms in your diet, why vegan and raw food aren’t always the best choice for people, how plants are life too just as much as animals, and much more.


– Mike

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