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The Bledsoe Show w/ Ryan Frisinger: Optimizing and Restoring Health With Our Environment #75

Guest: Ryan Frisinger

Ryan Frisinger is a biohacker, techno-shaman, and visionary, who helps individuals restore health and vitality by designing customized health programs that address genetic weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies, emotional traumas, and performance issues. By transforming advanced multidisciplinary research into potent programs, Ryan provides each individual with an operator’s manual for their unique body.

His client base includes professional athletes, type-A high performers, autistic children, and individuals with autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders and other chronic illnesses. Ryan’s programs offer solutions for the world’s most difficult health problems and help people transform their health and performance.

In this episode, Ryan shares a lot of concepts and methodologies on how to live healthy in conjunction with our environment. We go over the role of science vs. shamanic healing, object oriented ontology, how the 6th grade extinction is a bigger problem than climate change, why nature doesn’t need us, why trauma isn’t necessarily bad for us, and much more.



Science doesn’t measure everything

Ryan Frisinger is a humanity interdisciplinary researcher, who takes abstract concepts and biomarkers that happen in invisible structures in the body, and tries to make sense of it, so we can do something with it clinically.

Turns out, our health has to do with more than what we can (currently) visibly measure. Some humans found out that science is not always right, which was proved by shamanic healing, a more global approach. Often times, people manifest things from their ancestors into their lives. There are people who suffer in this lifetime because of bad karma from their ancestors.

“If you don’t understand the self, and you don’t have a way to connect to the self, then it becomes very hard for nature to operate as it should.” — Ryan Frisinger

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Key Takeaways

  • Consciousness is just an awareness that there is something beyond the eyes that are looking out at the world  —  You’re connected not only to yourself, but also to something in the cosmos.
  • Object oriented ontology  —  Our relationship to objects outside of ourselves, which allows us to think through what it might take for other beings to take space.
  • 6th grade extinction  —  We’re losing species at a rate that is very alarming. In the last several hundred years, we lost about 50% of the world species. Ryan considers this problem more alarming than climate change, as many of the species are important for our ecosystem’s health.
  • Rewilding movement  —  There are efforts around the world to reintroduce wild animals to our ecosystem. Ever since we got rid of carnivores and other wild animals, the rest of our ecology has been falling apart. Nowadays, there are more (and more resilient) flu’s , more lyme disease, and other bacterias that are the result of urbanization.
  • Nature doesn’t need us  —  Nature doesn’t need humans, and it will survive without us, just like it did before we were here. If anything, the human impact makes the world’s ecosystem weaker. Our industrial practices, littering, and deforestation, are just a few of the harmful things humans are responsible for.
  • Children that were born with difficulties usually need more sunlight and hydration to build up their immune system  —  A lot of children (and adults) are deficient in vitamin D. If your kid has an ear or sinus infection, or a mild flu, it’s usually a good idea to get your kid out in the sun, and make sure he’s eating well and well hydrated. For example: Drinking broth, rich in amino acids, is a good idea. Most ear infections and strep throat are viral, and happen when thyroids aren’t working well. It’s also a good idea to not expose your kids to a lot of blue light, and treat infections with immune modulating herbs rather than antibiotics. Usually, you don’t want to treat infections early and kill them with antibiotics, it’s better to let children develop their immune system on their own.
  • Children that were born via C-section, weren’t breast fed, born pre-maturely, or had any type of birth difficulties, probably have a low immune system  —  And probably inherited it from their mother. Sunlight, controlling sugar intake, and hydrating are the top things to do to boost their immune system. If you see an infection going over and over again, ask yourself if you’re using the right treatment for your kid. Learning how to hold space for a child that is in discomfort will also make a child more resilient. Keep in mind, hormones and antibiotics that aren’t metabolized well with the body can cause infections.
  • If you are experiencing brain fog, then there is something in the body that is not working well  —  The brain is very hungry for energy, and brain fog usually comes from infections, environmental toxins, or mitochondrial weaknesses. It can come from multiple or single places. If your brain is not operating as it should, you should figure out your relationship to light cycles, and how you are managing stress. You may also want to get genetic testing.
  • If you’re not feeling well, try to fight it for a couple of days before you take any medication  —  If after a couple of days it doesn’t get better, then look into it. Don’t take Advil, ibuprofen or other medicine when you feel a little sick. Most of the time it will work against you.
  • Trauma is not necessarily bad and shouldn’t be shamed  —  All of us experienced some sort of trauma in our life, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, or keep it inside. Trauma is just a part of life, and we should learn how to deal with it on a societal level.


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