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The Bledsoe Show w/ Jonathon and Baldo of MSW Lounge – Limitless Injections Are Here! #92

Jonathan Mendoza is Owner and Chief Practitioner at MSW Lounge. Jonathan has an extensive education, and has been trained in: Sports therapy with olympic and professional athletes, physical medicine & rehabilitation, pain management, family medicine, urgent care, and functional medicine.

Baldomera “Baldo” Garza is COO and Co-Founder of MSW Lounge. Baldo comes from a background of sales with CutCo and now runs The Yoga Room at MSW Lounge. He is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and all-around deal maker when it comes to getting you the vitamins you need to improve your health.

Mike went to MSW Lounge to meet Jonathan and Baldo and experiment with their techniques. He got a lot of studd done the dat after his visit to MSW Lounge. In this episode, we go over why it’s good to put vitamins in your vein, why a liver detox might be beneficial, how to break out of clinical depression, how genetics impact your body’s ability to process vitamins, how to know if you have digestive issues, what’s the benefit of injecting nootropics, and more.



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