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The Bledsoe Show w/ Leo Savage: Flow States for Strength #82

Leo Urquides a.k.a. Leo “Savage” is the creator of MaceMovement and founder of Steel Mace Flow. Leo is a Steel Mace Flow coach based in Austin, TX that travels across America teaching his Steel Mace Flow system.

His unconventional approach to training is based on his belief in function over muscle. This philosophy has lead him to the use of tools such as kettle bells, battle ropes, sandbags, body weight, and his favorite- steel mace. Leo is also a certified trainer through the ONNIT Academy in multiple disciplines: ONNIT Academy Foundations, Durability, Unconventional barbell, Battle ropes ,Kettle Bells, and Steel Mace.

In this episode, we dive into the mace – the value of training with a single tool, how a 10 lb. tool can make you stronger, using the mace as a feedback tool, finding creative expression through movement with the mace, and more. We also talk about martial arts and strength & conditioning, self-expression as a practice, psychedelics and cannabis and training, Joovv light training in the dark, and even more.



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Resources: Savage Mace FlowSteel Mace FlowErik Melland (certifies people out of Onnit on the Steel Mace)

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