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Barbell Business – When to Add Texting to Your Gym’s Communication Strategy w/ Jace Treat

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Jace Treat of Zipwhip and discuss:

  • Why gyms need a multi-channel communication strategy

  • What the most common forms of communication are and the appropriate roles they play

  • How to integrate texting into your gym’s communication strategy

As much as you try, you can’t always be near a phone while multi-tasking daily operations, coaching classes, and reaching out to prospective members. That’s where a multi-channel communication strategy can really come in handy. It’s just a fancy way of saying communicate with you people in the most effective ways. Use all of the technology available to you, because this is the future baby and you need to utilize the digital enablers that are coming onto the scene.

A really interesting digital enabler, a company that makes digital technologies possible for the small business, is Zipwhip which focuses on landline texting. In this show, we interview one of their communications specialists to get a better understanding of how text message communication can be a huge advantage to communicating with your gym peeps.

You can contact Jace Treat to learn more about how you can enhance your gym’s communication strategy through texting software to BARBELL to (206) 582-3725 or visit zipwhip.com

Enjoy the show!

Mike Bledsoe

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