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The 15 Movements You Need To Focus On To Dominate This Year’s CrossFit Open Competition – EPISODE 92


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CrossFit Open & Other Competitions (2:17) Testing Yourself, Exposing weaknesses (4:49) No Cheating, Shit Talking CrossFit (7:20) Steps to Get to The Games (10:44) AMRAP, Time Domain (11:10) High Altitude (13:50) Movements in the Open (15:13) No One Rep Max, Increase Fitness (17:36) Non-Barbell & Barbell Movements, Pull-ups (19:08) Key To Success & Facing Your Goat (20:55) Open For Beginners (23:32) Technique WOD (24:25) Progenex Commercial (30:54) Way Past Strong, Chris’ Book (31:25) Other Competitions, 80/80 Rule (36:06) Strength, Don’t Take Competition Seriously (38:57) Experience, Tapering (41:55) No Changes on Competition/Game Day (44:07) Tapering Volume, Recovery (46:18) Train and Recover Balance (50:12) The Open Movements, Low Impact Workouts (51:40) Manage Training Time Between WODs (54:42) Baseball Pitcher, Football Throw (59:18) Day Off (1:01:44) Historical Data, Curve Ball (1:03:33) Basic/Fundamental Movements (1:04:38)


Chris Moore is a writer, recovering meathead, fledgling raconteur and rabid imbiber. He's also cohost and resident potty mouth on Barbell Shrugged, a weekly podcast devoted to Crossfit, strength, fitness and all things brash. His experience is drawn from over twenty-years spent training for and competing in American Football, Powerlifting, a bit of strongman and a dash of mixed martial arts. Also, it's possible that he's had one too many cups of coffee. A caffeine fever is a hell of a thing, you know?

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