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The biggest nutrition mistake that female lifters make

I get excited every single day when I see more and more women falling in love with lifting weights. The standard of fitness has completely transformed and instead of women being stuck to the cardio machines they can find their inner strength and express it through lifting. Women are no longer so obsessed with what their bodies look like but have developed a passion for realizing what their bodies can do. Now don’t get me wrong, we all want to get strong but we also want to look strong. This is where nutrition comes into play.

Unfortunately, nutrition hasn’t been able to keep up and lifting requires more thought than just calories in vs. calories out. Try lifting weights for an hour or two and you will understand the feeling of hunger afterwards. Once you become a lifter your appetite starts to grow. You’re working muscles that have never been worked before and it’s almost as if each muscle develops its own appetite. Women who choose the lifting lifestyle know that eating lettuce, and counting calories wouldn’t help them, but do they know what will?

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The biggest mistake women are making is that they take diets to the extreme and then find it almost impossible to stick to. I constantly hear – don’t eat bread, gluten is bad, don’t have too much red meat, cupcakes are really what are making you bulky. Putting restrictions on food will only lead to one thing, loss of control. Women get stuck in this mindset I call the “cheat day mentality. This is where they eat super clean all week, train hard and Saturday night end up downing a whole pizza and half a tub of ice-cream, we have all been there. There is a happy medium between being super strict and an all out binge-fest. You can eat what you want without derailing your goals, seems impossible, right?

The biggest mistake women are making is that they take diets to the extreme and then find it almost impossible to stick to.

It’s simple really. By putting the right macronutrients into our body, we can create a state of optimal performance and fat/weight loss. We want to change our bodies to look the way they perform. Therefore, our bodies need protein to build muscle and/or prevent muscle loss if you are in a calorie deficit. It needs fat to assist in vitamin absorption, brain function, and more. And our bodies will use carbohydrates for energy. Of course, if we count calories alone we can lose weight, but women no longer are searching for the number on the scale to drop they are interested in an athletic, healthy looking body.

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If you know how much of each macronutrient your body needs then simply eat the food, you want and ensure you meet that goal for the day. No more meal plans, cheat days, avoiding carbs like the plague or debating whether a potato is paleo or not. If you feel like steak and eggs, have it! If you want a bowl of ice-cream (my favorite) then, you should have it! You have earned it and should not have to feel an ounce of guilt because of it. More importantly, that steak or ice-cream should not set you back from achieving your goals.

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  • What is a good example of caloric deficit to make sure a weightlifter is building muscle while targeting fat loss?

    What if with lifting I can maintain weight at 2200 calories. How much of a deficit should I do to lost 40 pounds of fat?

    • This is exactly why calories in vs. calories out makes no sense. And also why the count your macros is also too simplistic. It’s all about hormones and eliciting the right hormonal response to build muscle while losing fat. And it’s not just food. Sleep, stress, and a whole host of lifestyle factors are just as important.

    • Try the Renaissance Diet book it’s amazing and explains how much macros is good for your body weight and how to do it if you’re trying to cut weight and keep your strength
      It explains the deficit in detail ! The books is only like 30 dollars but it’s worth it

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