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The Brand X Method: Fitness For Future Generations And Coaching Kids — The Bledsoe Show #121

In 2004, Jeff and Mikki Martin imagined a better future for youth and began working toward that future by developing the original strength-and-conditioning program specifically designed for kids. Almost 15 years later, they continue to do what’s...

Jesse Elder: Curiosity, Intelligence, And The Difference Between Effort And Struggle — The Bledsoe Show #120

Jesse Elder’s own journey to self-mastery unfolded as he grew up in a family of 7. Being homeschooled, Jesse was given the gift by his parents of being largely self-directed in his education and spent hours exploring ideas that interested him...

Conner Moore: The 10 Year Challenge, Finding Your Way Through Darkness, And How To Eliminate Tension In Your Relationship — The Bledsoe Show #119

Conner Moore has spent years working with individuals and groups. The experience of reaching so many people led Conner to notice that everyone has an undeniable urge to connect to others with purpose and confidence in their contribution. Conner...

Jöhg Ananda: Breaking The Monopoly Of Opioids — The Bledsoe Show #118

Jöhg Ananda has been described as a “Cultural Revolutionary” by Dr. Chris Ryan. Jöhg is a serial entrepreneur (Healthy Surprise, The Dirt Paleo Personal Care, Jambo Superfoods) and founder of Union Yoga. Jöhg has invented over 50 consumer products...

Sakura Kokumai: Primed To Be An Olympic Champion — The Bledsoe Show #117

Sakura Kokumai is training to become a karate World Champion and to represent USA in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sakura started karate in Honolulu, Hawaii when she was 8 years old. She started competing internationally at 14, and represented the Jr...

Ashley Bledsoe: Infidelity, Health, Double Standards, and How to Make Your Relationships Stronger — The Bledsoe Show #116

Ashley Bledsoe is not only Mike’s wife, she’s a relationships coach, who guides couples to create a powerful partnership. Ashley also has a master’s degree in Sports and Recreation Management, and has been supporting, coaching and facilitating...

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