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An Integrated Approach to Functional Movement, Quality Movement Mechanics, and Smiling While you Train w/ Aaron Alexander — The Bledsoe Show #112

 Aaron Alexander CR, LMT, CPT is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach with over 13 years of professional experience. He is the founder of the Align Movement™, an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care that...

30 Days to Better Habits, Increased Will Power, and Self Experimentation to Overcome Setbacks and Reach Your Goals w/ Dr. Gregory Kelly — The Bledsoe Show #111

 Dr. Gregory Kelly is Lead Product Formulator at Neurohacker Collective, a Naturopathic Doctor and subject matter expert on nutrition, wellness, and preventive medicine, with a solution-minded approach to problems and a broad scope of experience...

10X Your Coaching Business Through Instagram and Authenticity w/ Ross & Rachel from Trill Media  — The Bledsoe Show #107

If you want to grow your Instagram following, pay special attention to this is episode with Ross Johnson and Rachel Bell, co-founders of Trill Media, an Instagram marketing agency that helps brands increase their audience engagement, create a tribe...

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