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Brooks Meadows: Honoring Chris Moore and The Power Of Recess – The Bledsoe Show #140

Brooks Meadows is the host of Barbell Buddha Rediscovered where he shines light on Chris Moore who, before his passing, left a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom about strength, family, philosophy, science, vice, and how to live an exuberant...

Courage and the Myth of “the Hustle and Grind” with Drew Canole — The Bledsoe Show #139

In this episode Drew Canole dive into getting out of your comfort zone, following your heart and aligning versus hustling and grinding all the time. Drew’s advice and ways to cope with adversity and getting the life that allows you to be you...

Mental Tactics for Success w/ Paul Chek — The Bledsoe Show #138

Paul Chek shares methods on staying calm, how to keep your  center in chaotic times and unique breathing exercises. Mike and Paul also dives into understanding your capacity to create your dream outcome  and using your mind to shift it to...

How Long Does it Take to Build Your Coaching Business? — The Bledsoe Show #137

In this episode Mike Bledeoe, Nick Maier and Kimerly Kesting discuss Coaching and Community.   They dive into, The Strong Coach and the transformations they have had from the program. Accomplishing your life goals faster and in ways you...

Mastering the KettleBell and Holistic Practices for High Performance — The Bledsoe Show #136

In this episode, we talk about competing in kettlebells, suples Bulgarian bags, Mike’s experience working with Paul Chek, becoming a world champion in kettlebells, and his new programs and Costa Rica retreats.   Mike Salemi specializes in human...

Coaching Mentorship with 2 Strong Coach Graduates — The Bledsoe Show #135

In this episode Mike, Ben and Jeff dive into strength and conditioning techniques. They talk the Mase community tribes and Ben and Jeff’s experience going through the The Strong Coach . You’ll learn how to play in your workouts while still getting...

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