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The power of masterminds

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How can you accelerate the growth of your gym and business faster than ever before?

The answer isn’t in another book, course or certification. These resources are great and will give you a lot of amazing ideas, but they will not be specific to your current situation. Trying make ideas fit very often leads to paralysis. At that point, very little will be implemented.

That’s where a Mastermind is different.

This is an event where business leaders and advisors come together in a group setting to brainstorm, troubleshoot, learn from one another. The group boosts peer accountability and support, which is exactly what you need to succeed.

The ideas on their own won’t count for much. You must be engaged.


It’s not good enough to sit in a chair and receive information.

Generic conferences or educational events often lead to boredom and ineffective behaviors. But a Mastermind isn’t just a place you go to receive. It’s also a place you go to share your very best ideas with like minded people who are committed to helping you achieve extraordinary results.

Here’s the truth, whether you realize it yet or not – You have strengths. You might be a great sales person, most good coaches are. Maybe you’re really good at utilizing Instagram to generate new leads for your gym. There’s something that you do better than most.

You are probably aware of your weaknesses. But what most fail to consider is that you short-comings are largely irrelevant. What you cannot do matters very little. Rather, you should be interested in what can be done, and you can always accomplish more if you surround yourself with people who are very strong in all sorts of ways.

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Coming together in a mastermind setting allows you to leverage the success of the group, which is just about as good as money in your pocket, if you’re willing to take what you learn and act on it. You can literally take something that’s actually working for others and implement it immediately. That’s how you get a sure effect.

This isn’t a new concept. Humans have always leveraged the experiences and wisdom of those who’ve journeyed before. For centuries, meetings of complimentary and driven minds have imagined manufacturing empires, inventive technologies, they’ve even helped give birth to new nations.

Benjamin Franklin famously belonged to a mastermind group called the Junto. He defined it simply as a club for mutual improvement. Likewise, Napoleon Hill has written that a mastermind represents, “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony.”

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You need to be held accountable. You must push and be pushed to achieve new levels of success, not only in business but all areas of your life.

That’s the only way to realize extraordinary results.

The group mind is only as good as the people who are in it, so surround yourself with people who inspire you to work with purpose and clear vision.

Gym owners, if you’re interested in joining a high-level Mastermind that will drive your personal and business growth, we’ve got you covered. Last year Barbell Business ran several successful mastermind events. Well, we’re going to do it again, only bigger and better!

If you’re in the fitness business or own a gym and would like to be considered for the upcoming Mastermind, please visit www.barbellbusiness.com/mastermind. We look forward to hearing from you.

Push and be pushed,


Mike Bledsoe

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