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The Weightlifter’s Journey Part 5 – The Future of Weightlifting

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this week on barbell shrugged, our series The Weightlifter’s Journey concludes with part 5, “The Future of Weightlifting.”

We’ve seen where the journey begins and how obstacles are overcome both in and out of the gym. And we’ve ventured out onto the weightlifting platform to give you the inside view on competing, and what a great coach can do to maximize your lifting performance.

This week on Barbell Shrugged, we take a look at where the sport of Weightlifting is heading next, and how you can be a part of that story.


So, what does progress look like after you’ve hit your peak out on the competition platform? More importantly, what’s it going to take to make tomorrow even better for the next generation of Weightlifters?

It’s hard to know for certain, but one thing is sure enough. The future is very bright, and it begins right now…It begins with you. Welcome to The Weightlifters Journey, part 5.




Chris Moore is a writer, recovering meathead, fledgling raconteur and rabid imbiber. He's also cohost and resident potty mouth on Barbell Shrugged, a weekly podcast devoted to Crossfit, strength, fitness and all things brash. His experience is drawn from over twenty-years spent training for and competing in American Football, Powerlifting, a bit of strongman and a dash of mixed martial arts. Also, it's possible that he's had one too many cups of coffee. A caffeine fever is a hell of a thing, you know?


  • If you guys had to recommend 1-2 days to make it out to world championships which days would you recommend. I don’t have a cool job like you guys

    • Aaron, from looking at the schedule of the world championships the best days in my opinion are the 24,25, and 26th. This is all up to your preference of weight class though. Hope this helps out.

  • Great episode and series. Thanks for all the had work putting these together. Pretty funny though watching this my computer crashed 3 times. I think your audio curse is still out there.

  • Great show.
    When working across multiple people, multiple projects, multiple digital files and potentially losing a lot of hard work, as a Software Engineer I feel your pain. Not sure what tools are available for multimedia, but File Repositories have saved millions of lost hours in my field. I’ll keep an ear out.

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