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Barbell Business – How to Spend Now to Increase Your True Wealth Forever w/ Bryan Franklin

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Bryan Franklin. Bryan is Mike’s business coach, a co-author of “The Last Safe Investment,” and a top Silicon Valley coach for first-time CEOs who has helped 7 of his clients grow their start-ups past the $1 billion mark.

In this show, we will cover:

  • Common myths about saving and investing that need to DIE
  • The new rules of accumulating true wealth for life
  • Why you’re wastefully spending money in the quest for happiness
  • How to spend that money more effectively so you can invest in life’s richest experiences (which money can’t buy)
  • The “super skills” you need to be a valuable, highly sought-after, individual that’s destined for success


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Are you looking to accumulate savings without willpower or deprivation? Are you looking to make small monetary investments that will make a big impact on your earning potential? Do you feel as if the way you’re saving and investing now just isn’t working? Does this sound like the start to a bad infomercial?

If you answered “yes” to at least 2 of these questions, then you might consider picking up Bryan Franklin’s new book, “The Last Safe Investment.”

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Bryan and his co-author Michael Ellseberg just launched this blueprint for building “true wealth” a few weeks ago – we highly suggest giving it a read. True Wealth is what they describe as the ability to generate not just financial value but also the experiences we cherish most– security, freedom, creative expression, and love.

Join us in throwing out the old school advice we’ve believed to be true for decades. Invest in yourself, your own skills, your value to others, your relationships, and overall long lasting happiness.


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