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Ryan Fischer: Why Authenticity Sells And How You Can Grow A Brand On Instagram — The Strong Coach #16

Ryan Fischer’s entire life has always been about fitness. At the age of 12 he was a world ranked BMX racer. In high-school he ran track, played lacrosse, and football. Then, he got into skeleton and bobsled, and even qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials for both sports.

Fischer is also a big time crossfitter, who finished top 5 in the CrossFit Regionals for multiple years. He went from being homeless, couch surfing, stealing food at Whole Foods, and a stint as a male stripper, to becoming owner of the most successful gym in Orange County, CrossFit Chalk. He also created Chalk Online, a groundbreaking corporate wellness program.

Fischer always had a belief that life would work itself out if he kept working hard on his passions. In this episode Ryan and I talk about all things Instagram, Ryan’s roundabout sales pitch, old man syndrome, high intensity bodybuilding, and much more.

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Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Figuring out where to put your energy, the time suck of Instagram, and the realization  that Ryan had that changed his life

⚡️11-20: Why everyone’s program is great and how being genuinely authentic can sell programs

⚡️21-30: Blue-blockers, how Ryan uses Instagram, and how to build a following

⚡️31-40: Finding your optimal time frame on Instagram, Ryan’s roundabout sales pitch, and why not caring about what others think will convert sales

⚡️ 41-50:  The content you need create before you can run ads, why you need to hire a professional to create ads, and why you need to take care of your tribe

⚡️51-60: What Ryan’s currently excited about and old man syndrome

⚡️61-70: Accumulating information vs. implementing it and the entrepreneur mindset

⚡️71-80: High intensity bodybuilding, how Ryan created his coaching practice, and his opinion on music

⚡️81-90: Why the experience is the most important aspect of your gym and how to be a successful coach

⚡️91-100: The importance of adapting the environment based on the people in your gym and how to read people

⚡️101-108: If you’re waiting till Monday, you’ve already lost

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