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Julien Pineau: The Difference Between A Trainer And A Coach — The Strong Coach #11

Julien Pineau is a Humanist & Movement Specialist and founder of StrongFit. Sports have been a part of Julien’s life since he was young and he’s been a state and national champion in a number of sports including soccer, swimming, and wrestling. As an adult, he really found something he liked with MMA and Jiu-Jitsu and spent time traveling the world to learn from the best in the industry.

The time spent Julien spent with the best made him want to learn more about sport and movement so that he could coach others. In 1993, he began his coaching career as a conditioning and grappling coach for the MMA gym where he trained and in 2008, he opened his own gym that focuses on strongman training. StrongFit was born and has evolved from a single gym to a full education program.

Julien’s brain is wired to see faulty patterns and visualize, in space, how people move. With his knack for diagnosing muscular and strength imbalances, he has developed his own system to identify what issues are and fight the root of the problem. He now travels the world delivering seminars to coaches who have the common goal of fixing people and ridding them of pain.

In 2018, Julien’s show on Barbell Shrugged was the most popular one! In this episode, we talk about apprenticeship to master yourself and better yourself, how to be in the present without distractions, understanding the nervous system and how it impacts your training, why looking at humans as machines have caused so much injury in the fitness industry, basing nutrition on what’s going to be happen in the next few hours rather than what happened in the past, and much more.

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