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Ajit Nawalkha: Why Coaches Don’t Have Clients and What They Can Do About It — The Strong Coach #12

Ajit Nawalkha came from humble beginnings. Born to a middle-income family in Jaipur, Ajit grew up in an extended family of 23 other people under one roof. Space and money were scarce, and so as a little boy he dreamt of abundance.

Ajit made a decision to plant himself where he could grow. From starting as a trainee in a non-profit, Ajit has since held various roles including CEO of Mindvalley, Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, Co-founder of Global Grit Institute and Co-founder of EPIC Businesses. He’s also an author of the bestselling book, The Book of Coaching. Ajit has poured his heart into his upcoming book Live Big.

In this episode we talk about what a good coach is, why coaches don’t have clients, the principles that make a great group, understanding your dialogue with sales, why the world needs more coaches, how the world is progressing, and much more.

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Episode Highlights:

0-10–  What a good coach is and how getting people the results they want.  Them discovering possibilities and them discovering it for themselves. Coaching is not deep trauma therapy or consulting.  It’s guiding and building performance in people. Coaching is becoming mainstream.


11-20 Having to work on your craft and that’s why coaches don’t have clients. Also, coaches are looking for clients in the wrong place. Coaches are going to people but not the businesses that need them.  Go to where high performers are going.  Am I good? Then where do I go to get them?  Understanding your dialogue with sales.

21-30 Why we need more coaches and how the world is progressing because we have an abundance of education and communication.  Every human being needs a little support understanding the world today.  The dangers of this and getting bad information from people.

31-40 Principles that make great group. 1. Understanding You. 2. Methodology and the way you create change for your clients 3.   Business and the training on what it takes to build a business.


41-50  If you know about something then you learn from the next thing and from different people. Understanding the counter perspective of the perspective you know.  Ex. Learn psychology if you are a health coach etc.  Find more fun things for your clients to have a fun experience with you.   Making learning a directed learning and not reactive learning.

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