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Barbell Business – Reaching The Turning Point

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • How to eliminate the mystery of running a business
  • The new sustainable CrossFit business model
  • How to finally take control of your destiny as a gym owner
  • What next steps you should take. Either shit or get off the pot

Be sure to take the Ultimate Member Lifecycle Marketing Challenge, a 5-day video series of lessons and a worksheet which will teach you some best practices and practical tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your communications at each point in your member’s lifecycle.

Enjoy the show!

Mike Bledsoe

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  • I was just wondering what is the difference between Chapter 7, 10 & 13 bankruptcies. How did the new law that Bush passed now affect bankruptcies (or does it at all)? I’ve heard everything that you can’t file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy anymore to you have to take financial planning classes thereafter. Also, is it advisable at all? I know normally people say make it your last resort, but I am beyond in debt and do not have any other resolutions. Any horror stories after filing? Any positive stories? Please enlighten me.thanks!

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