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The Perfect Bar Path — Snatches and Cleans — TechniqueWOD 142 w/ Doug Larson

Having good technique on snatches and cleans is all but impossible, if you don’t have a good start position and first pull.

Often people are taught to use their lats to pull the bar toward their body throughout the first and second pulls. This is correct… You should do that… But it’s a small component of keeping the bar close to your body.

The rest trick is to rock toward your heels on your first pull. When you do this the bar will automatically shift toward you putting you in the best position possible to explode on your second pull.

Watch the video to see what I mean, practice this week, and let me know where you have trouble and I can make a follow up video.


-Doug (@douglaselarson)

Doug Larson

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  • Great video Doug! I was just teaching the exact same thing at out lifting class at our Crossfit box. I am sharing it with the group to help solidify what we are working on.

    If you have one for the second pull and the catch that would make my job easier for lifting class this week.


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