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Light Your Ass On Fire w/ Bent Knee Hip Extensions – TechniqueWOD

Bent Knee Hip Extensions on a GHD are money.

Such a good exercise for terminal hip extension (and hip hyperextension) and glute development. Nobody wants a flat ass!

Easy setup. Just need a GHD and some kettlebells. Only real trick is figuring out the distance setting for you feet on the GHD.

Once you’re setup you simply keep a neutral spine and bend at the hip as far as you can without a change in spinal position. \Relatively low technique so is pretty easy to learn.

You’re basically doing single joint isolation work at the biggest joint in your body. Kinda like bicep curls for your glutes if that makes sense.

DId I say it really hits your glutes?

… It really hits your glutes.

Hold some kettlebells to load and shoot for 3-5 sets of 8-20 reps once or twice per week (depending on goals, experience, current programming etc…).


Doug Larson


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