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Suitcase Deadlifts  — Leg, Back and Core Strength  — TechniqueWOD 134 w/ Doug Larson

Suitcase Deadlifts are performed just like a regular deadlift except all the weight. They’re especially great at building leg, back and core strength and stability. If you’re an athlete who wants a lighter (deload, injury, etc), but still very challenging variation of deadlifting.

Principles of technique:

  • Same as deadlift
  • Straight back
  • Resist bending to side
  • Weight on your heels
  • Mostly vertical shin
  • Scale as needed (elevate weight)

A truly great addition to your program to increase your leg, back and core strength.

5 x 5/side is a favorite of mine; try it out!


-Doug (@douglaselarson)

Doug Larson

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