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Barbell Business – How to Upsell Your Members (The Non-Salesy Way)

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • The challenges that come with having a 200+ member gym
  • Getting more revenue with fewer members
  • How to increase your lifetime member value
  • How to upsell your members the non-salesy way
  • Things to consider when adding different sources of revenue

There’s always going to be a segment of your members who just aren’t fulfilled by the group training you offer at your box. And if you don’t have an opportunity for a member of 12-18 months to advance, there are only really three options for them and none of them sound very good. They will 1) just stick with it despite their boredom, 2) look for personalized programming from a well-known box who trains elite athletes, 3) join another local box because it’s shiny and new.

There are ways to be proactive about the dreaded 18-month turnover which is what we’ll discuss in this show. In this episode, Mike and Markus give some great advice for increasing your gym’s monthly revenue by strategically offering the up-sell opportunities your members are looking for.

If you are one of the gym owners out there who wants to stay at a comfortable size of 150 members but still needs to see a sizable increase to your monthly revenue, this is going to be a great show for you.

Mike Bledsoe

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