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Barbell Business – 3…2…1… Register! Barbell Business Workshop Agenda is Announced

Your decision to attend a conference or workshop usually comes down to one thing: The agenda. So, here it is.

Pre-event session: 1-on-1 call with a Barbell Business Speaker

After signing up for the workshop, you’ll be contacted by someone one our team to learn a little more about you, your business, and your vision for your gym’s future. This will give us the goods we need to ensure that you leave the workshop with exactly what you came looking for. We’ll also give you a bit of prep work so the time you have with us is as productive and awesome as possible.

Day 1

Session 1: Mindset – Jedi Mode

Any gym owner knows that the transition from hobby gym to thriving gym business requires a change in mindset to a new way of thinking about your members and even how you look at yourself — both inside and outside the business.

Your old mindset and business strategies may still be working, but you know that a refresh from a group of entrepreneurs who have seen massive successes in the gym industry will give you the power to grow your business in a way you simply cannot do on your own. You have the vision, we have the business principles to create the plan. Remember – the skies the limit. A little guidance will go a long way.


Session 2: Understanding the New Rules of the Gym Business

The evolution of functional fitness gyms is already happening, and if you’re late to the party it’s time to get on the bus. In the rush to catch up, you have probably retrofitted some different forms of revenue belatedly onto your business model. Maybe it’s the right strategy, or more likely it feels a little odd and inconsistent with your gym’s culture.

In this session, we will help you understand the pitfalls of sticking to the traditional group class model and how a few tweaks to your offerings will be a win-win for everyone involved. An evolved value proposition is what the people want – we’ll show you how it’s done. You will learn a number of important perspectives on the “new model”: Why more members doesn’t always mean more success, how to add more value per member in a way in which everyone wins, the state of the industry and what we predict for the next few years, and how to build a successful service business.


Session 3: Lunch meet and greet

Let’s eat together and talk through some of your biggest challenges one-on-one or panel style.


Session 4: The Client Experience Design Blueprint

You can’t have a killer referral strategy without an amazing member experience. You can’t create an amazing member experience with a great training experience alone. You can’t offer the extra micro-moments without truly understanding the client lifecycle and all of the milestones in between. By understanding how a member goes through the system of your gym from the moment they consider getting off the couch to putting your gym’s sticker on their car, you can make real positive change to the culture, conversion, and experience of the people who join your community.

In this session, you will learn how to craft your ideal member profiles, the in’s and out’s of lifecycle marketing, how to define your business’ differentiators, how to get better conversions from leads to members, better long term and short term retention, how to get more referrals, how to lengthen the member lifetime value, and how to systematize all of this so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Bonus session? Let’s party


Day 2

Session 5: Guided Meditation with Mike

It’s not all about business strategies and tactics at this workshop. Owning a business can be very stressful, so starting the day off with breathing exercises guided by Mike Bledsoe will help you develop mindfulness and calmness that can be accessed on demand.


Session 6: Sales & Marketing – Let’s talk dollars and sense

Growing your gym business might be the hardest task you’ve ever undertaken. Members, coaches, finances, competition, pricing, tools and technology make what we do every day extremely difficult. Now add the extra task of having to explain functional fitness to people who have no idea what you’re talking about and you have a major challenge on your hands.

Part 1: Sales – In this session, you will learn how to evolve your current gym’s business model into something scalable and successful, how to sell using a prescriptive method (great for people who hate selling and hate being sold to), how to charge what you’re worth, and how to set and exceed expectations throughout the conversion process.

Part 2: Marketing – In this session, you’ll learn how to utilize different forms of content marketing to lead with value, bring in new leads, and create a sense of celebrity and authority in your community. We will also teach you how to create Facebook ads that actually work to bring in more leads, creating a kickass referral program that’s not based solely on word-of-mouth, how to build and execute a lead generation strategy, plus anything else you have challenges within the marketing world. We have some of the best fitness marketers on our team who are ready to help you through whatever is standing in the way of growing your empire.


Session 7: Let’s Create Your 90-day Plan

During this session, we will teach you how to develop a 90-day plan which you can take back home to your team to execute. We will be discussing time management tools and tactics, then work with anyone who needs extra guidance to make sure this plan is bulletproof. You will leave this session with what you came looking for.


Session 8: Eat and Explore

We’ll break for lunch and let you off to connect with the other entrepreneurs in the workshop or go explore the Strong Pro Summit. Entry to the Summit is $20.


Session 9: Building an All-star Team

Frustrated by low performing team members? Are your coaches lacking horsepower, pride in their craft, teamwork, and/or work ethic? Not only is this really stressful, it’s also very expensive to have a team of low performers. In this session, we’ll discuss one of the most important business systems – hiring your team, developing an existing team, becoming a better leader for your crew, communicating strategies, and practicing extreme ownership.


Session 10: Hot Seats!

During this session, we’ll be breaking into smaller groups. A Barbell Business speaker will be in each to facilitate – but this is where we will all bring our gifts and superpowers to the group to help our fellow gym owners break through their challenges. Together, the possibilities are limitless!


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